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Telemann - Concerto for Trumpet in D played by Erden Bilgen

Erden Bilgen, Patrick Dreier, Lars Ranch, trumpets; Chamber Ensemble Cologne; Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra,conducted by Joseph R. Olefirowicz Telemann: Concerto in G Major; Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Trumpets in C Major; Telemann: Concerto in D Major; Handel: Suite in D Major; Telemann: Concerto for Two Trumpets in G Major; Bilgen: Dialog in D. for two trumpets, timpani, strings and continuo (Hicaz) LMO Records
Erden Bilgen Plays Music for Trumpet demonstrates his talents both as a performer and as a composer on this CD. The highlights of the recording are the two transcriptions of Telemann concerti originally written for oboe d'Amore.These two works demonstrate Bilgen's pure, full sound; light, clear articulation; and ease of playing through the technical passages and range involved in these Baroque works. Bilgen is joined by trumpeter Patrick Dreier (principal trumpet in the Dusseldorf Schauspiel-haus) on the Vivaldi Concerto for Two Trumpets and the Concerto for Two Trumpets by Telemann (originally for two flutes). These two artists complement each other both in phrasing and tone consistently throughout both compositions. The Chamber Ensemble Cologne provides excellent accompaniments for the soloists; the balance between the soloists and the ensemble is just right.
The disc ends with Bilgen's own composition Dialog For Two Trumpets, Timpani And Strings. This is a live recording with trumpeter Lars Ranch (associate solo trumpet with the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra) and members of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra. Written for two piccolo trumpets, the themes are based on the Turkish scale "Hicaz" and Turkish rhythms. This is an exciting new work and the live performance is excellent. The recording quality differs, however, from the previous works on the CD, with the soloists and ensemble sounding as though they are playing in the distance. The only criticism is that this work may have been better served on a future CD of contemporary compositions, as it is difficult to change gears so quickly from listening to the Baroque repertoire followed by the contemporary sounds of the Dialog and the difference in the recording quality of this piece. This is, however, an excellent recording and highly recommended. (Jon Burgess, associate professor of trumpet, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX)
2004 International Trumpet Guild