·                 TPIN - Trumpet Players' International Network

·                 ITG - The International Trumpet Guild

·                 ETG - The Europena Trumpet Guild

·                 ATG - The Australian Trumpet Guild

·                 The Trumpet Herald - Todd Davidson - forum, etc. great site.

·                 maurice-andre.com - Jan Leontsky's great Maurice Andre tribute site

·                 Bad Sackingen Trumpet Museum - only in German

·                 The Conn Loyalist - Christine Derksen's page

·                 Bach Loyalist - All about Bach trumpets

·                 Trumpet Review  - Trumpet technical database

·                 Trumpet Player Online - Mark Van Cleve's site has several articles.

·                 TrumpetStudio.com- with FAQ, articles, clips, etc.

·                 Trumpet Geeks International - With funny cartoons, etc.

·                 Tulsa Band - Instruments, books etc.

·                 Casual Double High "C" - Bob Odneal's page.

·                 Richard Waddell

·                 Hosaphone Headqaurter - Don't waste money on expensive equipement.

·                 Malte Burba - Musician and pedagogue from Germany.

·                 JazzWorld.Com - with links to Wynton Marsalis

·                 www.embouchures.com - Lucinda Lewis page about embouchure problems etc.

·                 Trumpet Exercises - a database with exercises, etc.

·                 Apprendre la Trompette (a very nice French trumpet page)

·                 Trumpet Range (high range development, etc)


·                 Erden Bilgen (Erden Bilgen)

·                 William Vacchiano (tribute page by Brian Shook)

·                 David Summer (with trumpet podcast with play along trumpet duets, etc.)

·                 Roy Stevens (tribute page by David Hay)

·                 Crispian Steele Perkins

·                 Don Smithers (On this web. There is also a page on Wikipedia)

·                 Charles Lazarus (Member of Canadian Brass, great video and sound clips)

·                 Håkan Hardenberger (His official website)

·                 Horst Fischer (The Magic Trumpet from Germany)

·                 Bahb Civiletti (Great baroque player, teacher of TCE)

·                 Woody Shaw (The official Woody Shaw website, designed by his son)

·                 James F. Burke (Tribute site by Mark O'Keeffe)

·                 Del Staigers (Tribute site by Mark O'Keeffe)

·                 Dave Douglas

·                 Bert Lochs (Trumpet player / composer from Holland)

·                 Andre Heuvelman (Principal trumpet, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Holland)

·                 Harry James

·                 Adolf Scherbaum (Trailblazer of the classical solo trumpet - sound samples)

·                 Ole Edvard Antonsen (EMI Classics artist)

·                 Mike Vax (Big Band Leader, Trumpeter, Educator)

·                 Marvin Stamm (With some great articles, bio, music, etc.)

·                 Malcolm McNab (Great recording and studio artist. More than 1200 soundtracks)

·                 Louis Armstrong House and Archives (bibliography etc., etc.)

·                 Bud Brisbois

·                 Miles Davis (Dr. Billy Taylor "Artists of Jazz")

·                 Arturo Sandoval

·                 Wynton Marsalis (Interview by Ted Panken)

·                 [Claude Gordon] [Musician Claude Gordon]

·                 Rich Szabo (jazztrumpeter, bandleader and member of TPIN)

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